About Blackstone Gun Safety

We at Blackstone Gun Safety are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and believe it’s good for all of our citizens to be armed. If we don’t exercise our right to bear arms, we could lose that right and many more.

Dan Blackstone, founder of Blackstone Gun Safety, began shooting as a boy and has never stopped. He volunteered for the United States Army, serving almost 4 years during the Vietnam Era. He received an honorable discharge and commendations. As Dan has continued to shoot, he’s realized that safety and responsibility are the most important parts of owning and carrying a firearm.

Blackstone Gun Safety is here to assist you in obtaining the education necessary to obtain your Oregon Concealed Handgun License, the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit, and/or the Arizona Weapons Permit.

Many people would like to carry a gun, but are not comfortable with a handgun. We offer live fire one on one shooting classes.  This class is designed for the beginner or the person that’s been away from it for a while..

Classes are being added as need and demand dictates. We attempt to keep our website up to date, however, the demand for classes and information is moving us at a rapid pace, so if you don’t see a class that you’re looking for please feel free to give us a call or send an email to check.

Blackstone Gun Safety Instructors: Dan Blackstone; NRA & Utah Certified Instructor – Nancy Blackstone; NRA & Utah Certified Instructor – Alison Vuylsteke; NRA Certified Pistol Instructor – Kelley Cheney; NRA Certified Instructor – Steve Bright; NRA & Utah Certified Instructor – Denise Bright; NRA Certified Pistol Instructor