Live Fire Shooting

This class can last as long as you wish or as short as you have time for. We will teach you safety, handling, cleaning, storage, and different shooting positions. The cost for this class is $75.00 per hour, this includes your ammo. There is a one hour minimum.  These are individual training classes so your instruction is one on one.

We only have time to do these classes Monday – Friday time permitting.

If you have a pistol you will want to bring it with you. This gun is to be in a case and UNLOADED. You may bring multiple guns if you wish.

If you do not have a gun, and need to borrow one, please let me know ahead of time, so I can make arrangements for you. There is no charge to borrow our guns.  You will not need a holster for this class, as we will not be performing any defensive or tactical shooting.

If you do not own a gun this is a great opportunity for you to fire several different guns to decide which one you prefer.