Career Opportunities

Blackstone Gun Safety LLC is a company that teaches concealed carry classes and live fire training designed for beginners or someone who has been away from shooting for a while.  We have been in business since 2010 and have grown to dominate the Portland metro area and the Central Willamette Valley in volume and in quality.

We have been expanding our business to other areas and we are seeking instructors through a licensing agreement to take over other areas in the State of Washington and Central and Eastern Oregon, and maybe other areas.

We know what it takes to make this business a success and we know what does not work and is a waste of time and money.  Our concealed carry class exceeds the requirements for the Oregon CHL, the Utah CFP and the Arizona CWP.

Have you considered being a firearms instructor?  If so, please continue reading. 

We are NOT looking for instructors that have another full time job.  Ideally you would be retired or semi-retired and you don’t want to waste away watching TV.  If you enjoy working with your significant other that is a great benefit.  I could not have achieved the success we have without my wife’s help. You do need to have a basic knowledge of handguns and not afraid to speak in front of a group, and love teaching and helping others.  You do not need to be an expert on guns.

A small capital investment on your part will get you all the certifications, equipment, marketing materials and training you need to get started and become a success.  We will be with you and help you until you’re comfortable that you can handle your area on your own.  This is a great opportunity to work about 10 days a month and make a great income, along with having a lot of fun.

Blackstone Gun Safety has a superb reputation and we will not jeopardize that.  We want instructors with integrity and patience.  We do not cut corners.

Our attitude is that we are here to help our students learn and be safe, not share with them how much we know.  If you know everything there is to know and need to let others know that, please do not contact us.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in please contact us for more information.