Concealed Handgun Licensing Classes for Utah, Oregon and Arizona

Please notify your friends, family, and co-workers who may have expressed interest in obtaining Concealed Handgun and/or Firearm Permit of the classes available here at Blackstone Gun Safety. Check our Class Schedule Link above for class availability and to verify that there are still opening, as classes have been filling up two to three weeks in advance.

I view my role as a guide to assist my students to both get their permits and help them recognize potentially life threatening situations. Our classes identify several defensive and avoidance tactics. We also discuss issues pertaining to the aftermath of self-defense.

Class Locations:

Portland, Beaverton, Clackamas, Eugene and Salem.

Class Dates:

See our Class Schedule menu item above for detailed information. New classes are added regularly so check back often. Classes can also be scheduled at your location and a date and time convienient to you. Please contact me for pricing and particulars.

Information for non-residents of Oregon who want the OR CHL:

Oregon CHL permits are available to residents of those states that border Oregon who have a compelling reason for getting the permit. For example, a business purpose in Oregon or threats against your life. Additionally, non-residents may need to provide a letter from their state’s Dept of Mental Health (address below) stating that the applicant has not been judged incompetent, etc. The letter may not be required if you already have a CHL from your state.

The sheriff with whom non-residents apply will ultimately determine if your reason is compelling enough to issue your permit because issuance is at their discretion. Some Oregon County Sheriff’s are more friendly than others toward out of state applicants and may not require a business purpose. These may include the sheriffs located in Portland (Multnomah Co.), Astoria (Clatsop Co.), St. Helens (Columbia Co.), and Lakeview (Lake Co.).


1115 Washington Street/P.O. BOX 45320
Olympia, Washington 98504-5320
FAX: (360) 902-0809 or 902-7691

Office of Consumer Affairs:


Send a fax or letter to them with your signature requesting your history be released. You must include a valid current address.