Defensive and Tactical Shooting

This class is designed for the experienced shooter. You must have taken the Basic Pistol Shooting and Safety class prior to attending this course. We will be shooting at silhouette targets, drawing from a holster from several different positions and scenarios. For this class you must have your own pistol and bring 300 rounds of factory ammunition.

You’ll need a holster that covers the trigger and trigger guard when the pistol is in the holster. You’ll need eye and ear protection. We will supply you with a “Blackstone Gun Safety” baseball cap. You cannot share a gun with another student. This class is held outdoors, so wear layered clothing as we can’t predict what the weather will be. You must wear tennis shoes, hiking boots or something similar. No open toed shoes or slippers will be allowed. You will be moving up and down, back and forth, and maybe kneeling. This course is designed to attempt to create stress for you to simulate a real life self defense situations.

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