Oregon Concealed Handgun License

Who May Apply for Oregon Concealed Handgun License (CHL):

You must be at least 21 years old with no felony, domestic violence, or alcohol related criminal convictions and legally able to own a firearm to get the license. You may attend this class at age 20 1/2. Oregon residents are required to take a handgun safety class, and pass the background check performed by the Sheriff in the Oregon County in which they reside. If you desire to carry a concealed handgun in Oregon you must have this license. Oregon does not recognize any other states license.

Washington State residents may apply in any county.  However, not ever county will issue to non-residents.  Most of the time Multnomah County will process your application.  Oregon law says, as a non-resident, you must have a “compelling reason” to need a CHL for Oregon.  Not a problem, we’ll talk about that at class.

Class Cost:

Washington County, OR: $75 paid in advance. The cost of this class could vary depending on location.

What you should bring to the class:

Please bring your government issued photo ID and note taking materials.

Class Synopsis:

We do not teach this class by itself any longer. Most people have realized they need more than just the Oregon CHL. We now teach the Oregon, Utah and Arizona all in one class. You can still get the Oregon only if you wish but you will be setting through and entire 4 hour class.

This class meets the minimum Oregon CHL training requirements and covers these topics:
  1. Basic Handgun Safety
  2. Oregon laws on weapons and deadly force
  3. Self-defense principles and defensive mindset
  4. Concealed carry equipment and techniques

You are NOT to bring any firearms, ammunition, or recording devices of any kind.

Applying for the CHL:

You will receive a course completion certificate, which will have my instructor’s information and signature on it. You will then need to take a copy of the certificate to your local sheriff’s office. Application for the Oregon CHL must be done in person at your local sheriff’s office. The cost for the Oregon CHL is $65 to Oregon and then $50 every 4 years to renew.