Utah Concealed Firearm Permit

Who may apply for a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP):

You must be at least 21 years old with no felony, domestic violence, or alcohol related criminal convictions and be legally able to own a firearm to attend this class and get the permit. Utah permits are available to US citizens and legal aliens that meet this criteria.

Note: The Utah permit is valid in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and many other states. If you are a resident of one of these states you must have your home state CCW license before you apply for your Utah CFP

As of July 1, 2006, all applicants wanting the UT permit must attend the entire class because Utah does not recognize any previous training. After successfully attending the class, you must apply for the UT permit before 12 months have elapsed or you will have to retake the class.

Class Cost:

The cost of the class varies depending on the location:

  1. Portland Metro area, OR: $75 paid in advance.
  2. Optional photo & fingerprints Utah requires for $25.

What you should bring to the class:

Please bring your government issued photo ID, Note taking materials. I can lecture while the pictures and fingerprinting is in process. That typically saves some time.

Class Synopsis:

The course length is approximately 4 hours. The actual ending time is dependent on the number of students and the number of questions. Signing certificates and applications may take a bit longer.  Block out 5 hours to be safe.

This class meets minimum Utah CFP training requirements and covers:
  1. Basic Handgun Safety
  2. Gun handling exercise
  3. Utah laws on weapons and deadly force
  4. Self-defense principles and defensive mindset
  5. Concealed carry equipment and techniques
  6. States where the Utah permit is recognized.

You are NOT to bring any firearms, ammunition, or recording devices of any kind.

If you are an Oregon CHL holder you may carry if the gun stays concealed.

Applying for the Permits:

You will receive an application signed and stamped by your instructor for the Utah permit if you successfully complete the class.

All students will need to apply for the Utah CFP through the U.S. mail. The mail packet must include:
  1. The original Utah Application stamped and signed by your instructor.
  2. Your check for the application fee (currently $62.00). Then only $25.00 every 5 years to renew.
  3. A single passport quality photo with your name (as appears on the application) printed on the back with a felt tip pen.
  4. A copy of your drivers license.
  5. The completed fingerprint card.
  6. I’d suggest sending a copy of any other CHL/CFP that you might have. We believe doing this speeds up the process.